Rising folk-pop group Morningsiders just posted a video for their song, "Cherry." Give it a watch below. Frontman Magnus Ferguson explained the song's origins, telling Diffuser:

We wrote "Cherry" in the middle of winter in New York. Everything is slushy and grey and everyone is pretty miserable and smoking cigarettes constantly. The song is about the ember on the end of a cigarette — the cherry. It's such a bright, pure red and really stands out against a frozen, crappy cityscape. The chorus is trying to say that everything used to be that bright and beautiful, but when things get rough it feels like you can only find it on the end of a cigarette or a joint or another coping mechanism. We all have things that pick us up, even just for a minute. It's a hopeful song about needing a lift to keep going.

The band released their debut EP, Unfocus, in February and the four-song effort is available for name-your-price download on Bandcamp. Morningsiders also generated  buzz last year when their track, "Empress," was featured in a Starbucks commercial for Mother's Day.

Morningsiders – "Cherry" (Official Music Video)