On the heels of officially announcing Chester Bennington's departure -- news that may have been expedited after former frontman Scott Weiland let the cat out of the bag -- Stone Temple Pilots appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Joss Stone as their temporary stand-in for the Linkin Park leader.

Stone Temple Pilots are currently working on new music and interviewing for a new vocalist, and while Stone may not be an actual contender for the full-time gig, she does a pretty great job on the STP hit, “Interstate Love Song.” The performance was part of Kimmel’s ongoing Mashup Mondays segment. (The one-off supergroup was dubbed Joss Stone Temple Pilots, naturally.) Watch it in the video at the top.

Weiland, who parted ways with Stone Temple Pilots in 2013, first broke the news of Bennington’s split from the band in an interview with Altenrative Nation. “He’s not in the band any more,” he said. “[Bennington’s] got a band where he gets paid $700,000 a night with, and with STP, the brand [sic] is kind of falling apart, which is a shame.”

In their official statement, however, Stone Temple Pilots didn’t indicate they were “falling apart.” In fact, they revealed they’re writing new music.

“There is an abundance of new music written, some of which is already recorded," the band said in a press release. "We have had the fortune of playing with some very talented singers over the last few months and will continue to do so until each of us feels and knows when the right person arrives.”