Arriving just a week too late to make our Greatest Music Videos Starring Hollywood Celebrities list, Wild Nothing's new video for 'Paradise' features actress Michelle Williams. In the video, Williams does little more than mug for the camera as she gets on a plane and flies to Niagara Falls, but with respect to the song itself, she makes quite an impact, turning in a dramatic spoken-word reading from author Iris Murdoch's novel 'A Word Child' over an extended bridge.

The 'Paradise' video was shot on Harinezumi cameras -- basically toy cameras from Japan designed to replicate the look of old photographs and Super 8 film -- by director Matthew Amato, who was thrilled to be a part of the project. "I loved Wild Nothing the moment I heard [their 2010 debut album] 'Gemini,' and I jumped at the opportunity to make a video for the new record, 'Nocturne,'" he says in a press release, where he also explains how he brought Williams on board. "My instinct told me to send Michelle the three tracks they were considering for a video and she chose 'Paradise.'"

The rest, as they say, is history.