When Willis Earl Beal was forced to cancel his upcoming European tour, he decided to make up for things by sharing a new album, 'A Place That Doesn't Exist.'

"At this point, the reason that I'm not touring is as mysterious to me as it is to you," he wrote on his Tumblr page. "Hell, if it were up to me, I'd go down there and sing a cappella while standing on a milk crate on the sidewalk. Wouldn't be the first time. I even told them this, but to no avail. What can I do? Situations arise... before eyes... stealing my body... 'neath ravenous tides. So, as a peace offering of sorts, I'd like to offer you a BRAND NEW FREE collection of songs called 'A Place That Doesn't Exist.'"

"The name is appropriate, I suppose, given my place in popular culture and music (which doesn't exist)," he continued. "Haha. Just kidding. Enjoy your tunes, enjoy your lives and don't touch that dial. You ain't seen or heard the last of Willis Earl Beal."

As eloquent as his message reads, European fans who already bought tickets must disappointed. But like he said, the tour abroad will happen -- some day. For now, check out the latest set of songs, which will warm your soul, especially during the harsh winter.