Legendary U.K. rockers Wire are celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2017, and they're doing it with the release of their 15th studio album. Silver/Lead is set to arrive March 31, 2017, and they've previewed it with the first single, "Short Elevated Period."

Founding members singer/guitarist Colin Newman, bassist Graham Lewis and drummer Robert Grey (billed on their early records as "Robert Gotobed") are joined by guitarist Matt Simms, who's been with them since 2010. The press release we received highlights "the optimistic dazzle of ‘Diamonds in Cups’, with its almost T. Rex-style buzz and chug, and the moody swing of 'This Time,'" and the "menacing widescreen grandeur of 'Playing Harp for the Fishes.'" The band defines Silver/Lead as " uniquely addictive 21st century psychedelic post-punk.

The album's first single, "Short Elevated Period," which can be streamed from the Soundcloud widgets above, is an urgent blast of kinetic pop that Wire always excelled at. It is classic Wire, without sounding like some nostalgia trip. Newman produced the record, which is their sixth since their second reunion began in 1999.

Silver/Lead will be available in three physical formats, CD, vinyl and a special edition, which contains a hardcover 80-page case-bound book with lyrics, photographs, interviews and an essay by English writer and actor Graham Duff. The special edition will be available at independent record shops or you can pre-order it directly from their website.

Wire, 'Silver/Lead' Track Listing:

1. "Playing Harp for the Fishes"
2. "Short Elevated Period"
3. "Diamonds in Cups"
4. "Forever & a Day"
5. "An Alibi"
6. "Sonic Lens"
7. "This Time"
8. "Brio"
9. "Sleep on the Wing"
10. "Silver/Lead"

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