Happy Christmas; the streaming wars are over if you want it.

The Beatles have been notably absent from streaming services, but that will soon change. A good chunk of the Fab Four’s catalog is set to make its way to nine streaming platforms just in time for Christmas Eve. (That’s tomorrow!) USA Today reports 224 of the Beatles’ songs from 13 of their studio albums will be added to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more on Dec. 24. Those songs aren’t just exclusive to paying subscribers, either. Freemium users on Spotify will also be able to add the Beatles to their playlists as soon as midnight strikes.

“The Beatles streaming will be LIVE at 00:01 AM YOUR TIME and you can track its progress around the world, from east to west, on the globe here at thebeatles.com,” a statement to the official Beatles website reads. “Happy Crimble, with love from us to you.”

The Beatles were also late in putting their music up for purchase on iTunes. That didn’t happen until 2010.

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