Ever since Flappy Bird captivated 87 percent of the world and made something like a gazillion dollars for its young creator, tons of clones have popped up. But after the game was pulled for still kinda mysterious reasons, even more clones have surfaced. None has the mass appeal of the original game, and some are downright horrible. Then there are those that are both baffling and terrible, like the ones found on our list of the 5 Worst Flappy Bird Clones.

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    Flappy Fish

    Not so surprisingly, the most obvious place to relocate Flappy Birds would be underwater. And there are plenty of ocean-set clones of the game out there, starting with this one, which pretty much just turns the bird into a fish and drops it in the deep blue.

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    Flappy Jellyfish

    If fish aren't exactly your thing (and why would they be? They're sorta boring), this undersea Flappy Birds clone is all about jellyfish. The gameplay is pretty much the same: You navigate a jelly (which actually looks like a Devo hat with two holes in it) between ocean rocks.

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    Flappy Octopus

    Another undersea Flappy Birds clone, Flappy Octopus stars an octopus that looks an awful lot like the famous bird, but with tentacles instead of wings and a sucking mouth instead of those Mick Jagger lips. Again, gameplay doesn't vary too much from the original game, itself a ripoff of an ages-old classic that centered on an Italian plumber.

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    Flappy Plane

    Flappy Plane keeps the action in the air, as you steer an airplane among flying bats and other obstacles along the way. Like all of the games on our list of the 5 Worst Flappy Bird Clones, Flappy Plane doesn't win too many points for originality. And keeping the whole thing in the sky wasn't very inspired either.

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    Flying Cyrus

    OK, this one isn't so bad as much as it's just totally bizarre. Taking its cue from Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' video, Flying Cyrus features the controversial pop star's giant head, even more humongous tongue and hurdles like wrecking balls that must be avoided. Admittedly, it's the most original Flappy Bird clone out there. So points for that.

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