Brooklyn duo XNY recently stopped by’s studio for an exclusive performance of ‘Jaw,’ the lead single from their brand-new sophomore album, ‘Orange.’ Singer-guitarist Pam Autuori gave a dramatic rendition of the tune, serving up smoky, start-stop, loud-soft vocals. Drummer Jacob Schreiber complemented the stripped-down performance by methodically tapping the wood block on which he sat.

XNY exude natural chemistry, and that can be traced back to their beginnings. The circumstances of the twosome’s meeting truly are truly the stuff movies are made of. While students at Berklee College of Music, they lived in neighboring apartments. Through a shared wall, Autuori could hear Schreiber’s drumming, and he could hear her singing. Eventually, they met up, combined talents together and left school to work on their music full-time.

Catch XNY’s captivating performance in the clip below, and if you like what you hear, grab ‘Orange,’ which is out now.

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