AFI's Davey Havok has always been a known supporter of the straight-edge movement, but his new project XTRMST really embraces the concept. Teaming up with Jade Puget, the duo's new hardcore project has just announced the release of a digital box set, exclusive via BitTorrent, that's filled with goodies, including an XTRMST zine that contains straight-edge interviews and reviews by Havoc himself. You can cop yourself one below.

Besides the print, the new bundle includes an exclusive, unreleased B-side titled 'Little King,' the 'Conformist' official music video, a making of video for 'Conformist,' an XTRMST desktop Wallpaper, and a link to purchase the XTRMST vinyl.

Some might find a little irony in outlets like BitTorrent getting involved with artists themselves in releasing their music, since many blame these types of sites for being responsible for the current state of the music industry. What do you think about this new partnership?

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