As enigmatic and mysterious as former White Stripes frontman Jack White is, over the years, fans have been able to cull quite a bit of info about the rock star's life and background. From his recent interview with Dan Rather to his inclusion in the music documentary, 'It Might Get Loud,' White has been known to step out from the shadows every once in awhile.

Even so, we get the feeling there is a lot about the guitarist that you don't know. That's why we put together the video above; after combing the archives and doing the research, we've compiled some of our favorite obscure facts about White -- covering his younger years in Detroit all the way up to his invasion of downtown Nashville with Third Man Records' headquarters.

Check out the video and test your knowledge on all things Jack White. And when you're done with that, see just how much you actually know about the one one only, Nirvana:

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