Near the end of 2014, Youth Sounds debuted their latest track, 'Before It's Too Late,' the lead single from their upcoming EP, 'Favors.' From the second the music hits, there is no denying the sheer power and beauty of the track, so it only makes sense that the accompanying music video would be just as moving. Today (Jan. 13), Diffuser and Youth Sounds are teaming up to premiere the official video for 'Before It's Too Late' -- check it out above.

"'Before It's Too Late' was originally written some time in 2010; it was a song we were performing live," Youth Sounds mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Lucho tells us. "Initially we only laid down a demo version of the song because we were still deliberating whether or not we'd like to record it for an EP or album, or only play the song in our live sets. Eventually, we scratched the song altogether."

Fortunately for fans, that's not the end of the story. Lucho goes on, "When Alex [Lomami] and I were discussing possible songs for the new EP, he came across the demo of 'Before It's Too Late.' We discussed using the song at length and he convinced me to give it another chance. So, I decided that if the song was going to be released, it needed to be reworked."

The reimagining of the track wasn't a task Lucho took on by himself. "I buckled down, rewrote the verses and had Erika [vocalist, Lucho's sister] and Nicholas [drummer] fly up from New Orleans to record their parts," he explains. "I had a friend record the guitar loops at his home studio in New Orleans, and then sent all the tracks to be mixed to another friend whose studio is in Nashville -- and finally, I had it mastered in L.A."

As for the video itself, the inclusion of dancers was a bit of a natural decision for Lucho. "My wife is a ballerina for the Kansas City Ballet, so I asked her and some of the company members to help choreograph a piece for the video," he recalls. "Unfortunately, the choreographer and lead male dancer for the piece was injured in a performance of 'Alice In Wonderland.' This was a huge setback, but I was able to call in some last minute favors and my wife was able to recruit some more dancers from the company. I reworked the video and really wanted a minimalist concept, very clean, with a strong focus on the dancers. They're beautiful artists and totally deserve all the attention."

Lucho built the video around a message, but he's not sharing that secret with fans: "There's an overall theme in the video's meaning, but I wouldn't want to run it for everyone. I want the fans to have their own personal connection to the song and video."

'Before It's Too Late' will be featured on Youth Sounds' next EP, 'Favors,' set for release this spring. "As a band, we've been working hard on refining our songs, and it was very important for us to not only create a set of songs we loved, but to have our songs connect with our listeners," Lucho says of 'Favors.' You can stay up-to-date with everything happening in Youth Sounds' world at their official Facebook page here.

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