The music of British rock band Various Cruelties appears in a 2012 winter holiday commercial for jewelry retailer Zales that features multiple marriage proposals.

Various Cruelties describe themselves as a "mod/goth/pop incarnation," but 'If It Wasn't for You' is a straightforward rock song with a catchy melody and sweet lyrics that fit the commercial's theme of everlasting love.

As couples are shown pulling out Zales diamond rings and popping the question to their significant others, frontman Liam O'Donnell sings, "If it wasn't for you / Don't know what I'd do / I'd have nothing to prove / I'd have nothing to lose / I'd be all lost at sea / With no reason to make it through."

A close-up of a ring appears as the ad fades out while a narrator informs viewers that Zales is "the diamond store."

Various Cruelties are a new band whose self-titled debut arrived earlier this year. According to their website, they currently have no upcoming concerts scheduled, but they'll want to remedy that in a hurry, because the buzz surrounding the group, due largely to the Zales commercial, has allowed their album to enter the Top 100 on the U.S. iTunes chart.

Hear Various Cruelties' 'If It Wasn't for You' in the Zales Winter Holiday 2012 Commercial

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