That's it?

After the end of his band Carissa's Wierd, one of the best bands to play during the millennial switch, Ben Bridwell founded Band of Horses, which, since 2004, have become one of the bands currently defining the cacophony of Southern indie rock. They've gone from Sub Pop Records also-rans to releasing 'The Funeral,' as incredible of a song as you'll find in the genre; they've found open arms in the mainstream after being nominated for a Grammy; and they've stirred up a little controversy along the way. (Remember them licensing 'The Funeral' to big, bad Wal-Mart? Bridwell's rant at the cell-phone videographer, captured -- duh --  on film for all to see?)

And this is it?

With the pressure on to deliver a fitting follow-up to their breakout album, the band recruited legendary producer and Hall of Famer Glyn Johns to take the reins for their upcoming fourth release, 'Mirage Rock.'

And this all they've got?

It's a driving song -- like, "Go! Team" levels of chugging to be found here -- and Bridwell's vocals keep that fantastic timbre, drawled and sharp-tipped. There's some fine loud-soft-loud dynamic to be found here, as well. Hand claps? Got 'em.

But that's all?

Maybe it's because these ears have been overstimulated the last few days by a deluge of great, new music. But honestly, this four-minute song couldn't keep our attention any of the times we listened to it.

What a bummer. Band of Horses have spent three albums proving they're a fantastic band; they can do a lot better than this. Here's to hoping we'll see the band back in top form when 'Mirage Rock' drops on Sept. 17.

Listen to Band of Horses, 'Knock Knock'