When singer Kate Eldridge moved from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Seattle back in 2009, she underwent a conversion. Her previous bands hadn’t worked out, and the slog of the Williamsburg scene was getting her down.

What many would consider a retreat from America’s biggest music scene we look at as a triumph. Several years later, Eldridge is fronting the Pacific Coast rock band Big Eyes.

Their new single 'Being Unkind' fits perfectly into the context of modern indie rock. It's a little fuzzy, a lotta catchy and written infuriatingly well. On their latest album, 'Almost Famous' -- an 11 song collection of damn good rock music -- Eldridge croons like a punk version of Kathleen Edwards.

"[‘Being Unkind’ is] a power-pop punk song about reciprocating the cruel treatment dealt out from an ex-lover, and coping with the new outlook on life and love that the relationship has left you with,” she tells Diffuser.fm.

So next time that bastard comes a-knockin‘, just blast this tune toward the doorway. He’ll get the picture.

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