Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys' ‘What a Dream It’s Been,’ which landed Aug. 27, marks the band's 25th anniversary. After 14 albums of genre-bending American music -- a blend of rockabilly, roots rock, doo-wop and other sounds -- Sandy and company are back with fresh takes on some of their old favorites.

Today's free MP3 is the album's breezy, upbeat update of ‘I Know I’ve Loved You Before.' Although the crew from Anaheim, Calif., is known for American sounds, they go Jamaican with this one, working in hints of ska, reggae and rocksteady.

“‘I Know I’ve Loved You Before’ was originally recorded as a slow, jazzy number,” Sandy tells “But one night at band practice, after a few drinks, I started strumming the song with ska upstrokes and tried singing it in a more soulful, rocksteady style.”

“The rest of the band fell in together and it started to sound like something that Ken Boothe might have done,” he adds. “We all knew in that instant that we had to record the song that way as soon as possible.”

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