Folk favorites Bon Iver are releasing a live 'iTunes Session' compilation that will be featured on Apple's music store next week. Seven songs will be available on the digital offering, six of which from the band's critically acclaimed self-titled album that was released last year.

Spin reports that frontman Justin Vernon and his nine touring mates recorded the EP last summer, shortly after releasing their second studio album, 'Bon Iver.' The iTunes exclusive also includes a cover of Björk's 'Who Is It,' which is off her 2004 record 'Medúlla.' The song made regular appearances during Bon Iver's live shows in 2011. Fans can purchase the set starting June 19.

Vernon mused over the topic of dealing with his band's steady rise to fame in an interview last month. The singer told the Arkansas Times that despite his success, things haven't been too crazy in his hometown of Eau Claire, Wisc.

“I’ve been there long enough that it’s mostly cool,” he said.“There might be some college kids that move into town that aren’t used to seeing me at the coffee shop or something, but it’s almost never weird, it’s pretty chill, and everyone doesn’t give a s—, kind of. They’re excited, but they know that it’s not some celebrity thing.”