Crossbill Records' Southern stars are back with a new sound for their third full length, 'The Secret Will Keep You.' Brass Bed are a band known for simple wit, especially when it comes to writing pop songs in a rock-band format. On their first two records, whether they were phoning it in or not, the group wrote reliable, sturdy tunes, and they employed a precise method of engineering for a clean-sounding final product that featured just enough fuzz to keep them from being mistaken for over-polished exports of, say, Butch Walker.

This time around, the guys wanted to throw a wrench in the gears and see what might come about if they explored more depth within lyrical themes and allowed for more innovation when structuring the tracks. The "anything goes" approach was freeing for the guys while they were in the booth, Johnny Campos explains.

"'I'll Be There With Bells On' was recorded at the end of the night, when studio madness heavily set in," Campos tells "By the end of the session, everyone was singing their own version of the last line, 'I'll be there with bells on.' Like, 'I'll be there with Steve Zahn,' or 'An owl is a night bird,' or 'I'll be there with pants off.'"

The natural juxtaposition of the band's light studio attitude and emotional themes made for a fresh sound from Brass Bed -- one that will likely breathe new life into the group come the album's April 23 release.

"Did you ever date that kinda person that was never satisfied but also didn't explicitly say what they wanted?" Campos asks. "Did you ever get so frustrated that you just screamed at them, 'Just tell me what to do!?' 'I'll Be There with Bells On' is just about coming to your wits end with trying to fulfill a significant other's wants and needs by begging them to 'Tell me what to say! I won't be a coward.'"

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