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Whores., ‘Baby Bird’ – Free MP3 Download
Whores. dish out some truly ugly music. The Atlanta-based power trio are often -- and rightfully -- compared to the noise dealers that inhabited the late, great Amphetamine Reptile label in the ‘90s. We're talking goups like the Cows, Tar and Unsane.
SWF, ‘Let It Be Told’ – Free MP3 Download
SWF is the stage name of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Stevie Weinstein-Foner, whose debut album, ‘Let It Be Told,’ dropped last week via Mecca Lecca Recording Co. If you’re into mellow, insightful tunes, go ahead and grab the album’s title tr…
Starlings, TN, ‘Burnt Ends’ – Free MP3 Download
Barbecue is a sacred thing. Especially Kansas City BBQ, which prides itself on being the finest, most delicious morsels of smoked meat from a brisket tip -- aka burnt ends. Of course, as with any tradition, these beef secrets are co-opted, updated and migrate to kitchens across the country.
Victory, ‘This, That or This’ – Free MP3 Download
We need more brazen pop singers. Like Victory, for instance. He's not afraid to be triumphant about his music. Of course, it's not very ironic (die hipsters!) to name your band a synonym of conquest. But this sunny, Spoon-inspired rock 'n' roll is good. And we think you'll l…
Rickolus, ‘Snow Globes’ – Free MP3 Download
Writing about your significant other is not an easy feat. First of all, you kind of have to get permission. Then, what if you want to be negative? What if you want to write about all of the horrible things that you do to each other. How do you blend those low moments with times of pure bliss?

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