For years, Chris Shotliff was known as a man about town in the Minneapolis musical milieu, but few were wise to his full potential.

As the lead guitarist in a beloved local punk band, Shotliff put on raucous live shows alongside charismatic frontman Matt Webster, and he contributed to the creative process of some really great pop songs. But it wasn't until he ventured off on his own, in the Hardest Part, that his abilities as a singer and refined songwriter surfaced.

Long a favorite of mine, even before we discussed this feature for, 'The Run' is a bona fide hit -- a class rock song that would make the Boss proud, even if the hook is curiously similar to one of his own.

Shotliff's rebellious lyrics on the chorus, "Said son, you were born to run," trickle down from his worldview, as was made apparent when we asked him about his impetus for becoming a musician.

"Do what ya gotta," he replied casually.

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