In news that will surprise no one, Courtney Love is once again involved in a legal battle. This time she is being sued by her ex-assistant, who claims the Hole frontwoman still owes her money for her services and was under great stress due to Love's "unethical requests."

Spinner reports that Jessica Labrie filed the wrongful termination and breach of contract lawsuit in Los Angeles yesterday (July 10). The suit reads that Labrie was Love's assistant for about a year between 2010 and 2011, but was fired after confronting the musician about thousands of dollars she was owed through her salary and business expenses. In the lawsuit, Labrie claims she suffered from headaches, insomnia and other illnesses because of Love's behavior.

The attorney representing Labrie, Joshua Gruenberg, says the widow of Kurt Cobain wanted his client to hire a hacker and falsify documents on businesses Love owned or thought was in her possession. According to Gruenberg, Labrie refused to follow Love's order.

E! elaborated further on the complaints the lawsuit contained. Love allegedly had Labrie working 60-hour-plus weeks without paying overtime, never honored a promise to pay for Labrie's Yale tuition, never paid her any promised bonuse,s and she didn't secure her a promised gig on the set of a Nirvana biopic.