Courtney Love is being sued for breach of contract by the man she hired to ghostwrite her memoir.

Anthony Bozza was hired by Love to pen her autobiography and apparently delivered the manuscript as promised -- but Love rejected the work. The book was originally expected to hit the streets back in 2012, but has been put on hold several times since.

According to BBC, Bozza claims Love owes him more than $200,000. In the lawsuit, filed in New York last week, Bozza says Love received a $400,000 advance from Harper Collins (toward the $1.2 million contract).

Over a year ago, the author was very excited about the project, taking to Twitter saying, "It's possibly the greatest thing I'll ever do with anybody."

Love, however, was less than thrilled, rejecting the book and telling Harper Collins it was off. In an interview with the Telegraph earlier this month, Love said of the book, "It's like me jacked on coffee and sugar in a really bad mood. I said keep your bloody money. I'd rather keep my friends."

Apparently, Love informed Bozza via text message that she had started working with a different writer, though he claims he was never officially terminated form the project. A lawyer for Bozza said, "We look forward to a speedy resolution of this case so that both parties can move on."

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