For most of the Dave Matthews Band fans in attendance at Tuesday's (June 3) show in Darien Center, N.Y., the concert ended with a three-song encore featuring 'Time Bomb,' 'Two Step,' and an acoustic 'The Space Between.' But for 97 unlucky ticketholders, their post-show mellow was harshed by the local police, who issued a slew of citations.

The vast majority of those cited were picked up for underage drinking; as the Daily News reports, 88 people were charged with "possession of alcohol with intent to consume under age 21." But the police still had their hands full with a variety of colorful violations, including a number of attempted trespassers and one person who was "arrested for second-degree harassment after allegedly punching a security guard in the face."

For a pair of scofflaws, the evening's entertainment included trying to scale a nearby cell phone tower, while another man was "arrested for disorderly conduct after allegedly using obscene and abusive language in the entrance to the concert venue." But the longest rap sheet of the evening belonged to a local teen who was nabbed for "obstructing governmental administration, second-degree criminal trespass, third-degree resisting arrest, unlawful possession of marijuana and possessing alcohol with intent to consume under age 21."

It sounds like a busy night for the sheriff's department, but all things considered, it was a relatively well-behaved crowd -- as the Daily News notes, "Concert promoter Live Nation announced shortly after 5PM Tuesday that the concert was a sellout, which would have put attendance at about 21,800."