Even though they may call New York City home, Dead Waves don’t really feel like they fit in anywhere. “I’m thinking I would describe it as outsider yet self-enlightening music,” bassist and vocalist Teddy Panopoulos says.

That outcast and illuminating music is perfectly captured on the band's latest LP, Nature, set for release tomorrow (April 21). Today, Diffuser is excited to give fans a taste of what to expect with the official music video for the loud-as-hell track, “33” -- check it out above.

"This video is about a person who wants to escape the empty mundane servant lifestyle in a cold, soulless, lifeless city," Panopoulos tells us. "It is difficult for her to express how she feels and it’s hard for her to break a cycle that she has become complacent with, even it makes her miserable. She is anxious with the thought of even leaving her apartment and being overcome by feelings of empathy towards other people who are lost in the trivialness of society’s confusion and without having someone who she feels can understand her, it’s hard for her express that. The song reflects what is going on in her mind."

Ahead of Nature, Dead Waves studied the analog recording techniques of the one and only Steve Albini at Electrical Audio for their previous EP. As evident on Nature, not only has their sound grown and matured, but so has their songwriting.

"This record expresses the dichotomy of pain, suffering, death coinciding with love, happiness and life and finding the appreciation and harmony of the two and then growing and moving past it all, taking a step back and observing it and entering a new realm with acceptance," Panopoulos explains. "So in a way, this record is our appreciation of the para meta meeting of the unknown physical and trying to go somewhere past it all."

Nature is out April 21; you can stay up-to-date with the band here, and make sure to grab their current tour itinerary at this location.