EDM superstar and Rolling Stone cover boy Deadmau5, who recently took shots at fellow EDM artists and recurring digital nemesis Madonna, has some pretty, um, interesting requests on his tour rider. These include sugary soft drinks, sweet snacks and a large, inflatable animal, among other things.

Wait, what? A large, inflatable animal? To do what with? That's debatable. But then again, we're talking about an artist who wears a life-sized mouse helmet at his gigs, so nothing is strange when it comes to Deadmau5.

Gawker pointed out the array of quirky items that appear on his rider, which is what an artist or an act asks the venue or the promoter to provide for their dressing room or stage.

The inflatable animal needs to be at least five feet tall. Meanwhile, he prefers his carbonated orange drinks from Fanta. Orange is actually a recurring theme on his rider, as he also requests a chocolate bar with orange flavoring, too. Actually, sweets are critical on his list, since he asks for soda, chocolate and Starbust. Not to mention socks.

Below is Deadmau5's rider. We're still scratching our heads over what he does with the, well, blow up doll. Any guesses? Maybe that's where he rests his mouse ears when he's not wearing them?

Deadmau5's Tour Rider:

1 large inflatable animal, inflated and at least 5' tall
4 cans or bottles of a carbonated orange drink, preferably Fanta
1 bag of cheese strings
1 bar of orange chocolate
1 pair of white socks and 1 pair of black socks for size 9
2 bags of sweets (any kind but Starburst preferable)