Who would have thought that CBS could become a weekly hub for great indie music? That is exactly what seems to be happening, though: Death Cab for Cutie graced network television this weekend (April 4) to perform three songs on CBS This Morning: Saturday. Check out the band's interview with CBS This Morning host Anthony Mason and a performance of "Black Sun," the lead single from their new album Kintsugi, above.

The band spoke with Mason about making it as an indie band, citing a sold-out show at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe in 1998 as the group's pivotal moment, saying it's "where it went from being like, 'Oh, this is a fun thing we're doing until we have to join real life,' to 'You know, maybe this can actually be a thing that we do for maybe a couple years, and then join real life.' And to this date, we've yet to have to get real jobs."

They also discussed what's next for Death Cab for Cutie post-Chris Walla — the band's founding guitarist announced his departure in 2014.

"There was never any animosity. It wasn't like this was coming to a head after years of arguing and in-fighting," bassist Nick Harmer said. Drummer Jason McGerr continued, "Adaptability is the reason we're still here, so this is just one more thing we need to work with."

Those answers seem in contrast with what Gibbard told DIY Magazine in March: "I’m certainly not overflowing with joy that Chris left the band, but at the same time, just having — finally after all these years — the catharsis of somebody who’s had — in some ways — one foot out the door for years, finally leave the band, it comes with a particular sense of relief."

He-said-she-saids aside, Death Cab for Cutie are very much alive, and currently on the road, so check out their upcoming tour dates here; then, watch the group perform "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive" and "No Room in Frame" on CBS This Morning: Saturday below: