Dinosaur Jr. have unveiled yet another star-studded video for a tune off their latest album, 'I Bet On Sky.' This time around, in the band's 'Pierce the Morning Rain' clip, actor James Urbaniak ('Homeland,' 'American Splendor') portrays a family man obsessed with acquiring the most slamming car stereo possible. He appears alongside stand-up comedian Maria Bamford, who portrays his wife, and punk legend Henry Rollins, who plays some sort of slam-dancing, ass-kicking apparition that appears whenever they pump up the volume.

Directed by Peter Jacobson ('The Daily Show,' Bob’s Burgers'), 'Pierce' follows Dinosaur's 'Watch the Corners' video, which starred actor Tim Heidecker of ’Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’ and had a similarly quirky aesthetic. "Volume is definitely a part of what they do," Jacobson told Spin, “so it seemed appropriate (to me, at least) to make a video that’s basically a sweet story about someone who finds release in loud music.”