Drug Church have a bone to pick with a series of abstract yet oppressive forces that have got them down.

The band describes their sound as a manifestation of the derision they feel toward a variety of jobs, including an “underpaying contractor gig,” “cleaning up puke in the bathroom of a Steak & Shake” and “delivering pizzas.”

It’s a vivid picture, and it speaks to the sonic discord the post-hardcore quintet achieve with their debut full-length, ‘Paul Walker.’ (Yeah, it's named after the guy from the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.)

Grab today’s free MP3, ‘Learning to Speak British,’ and hear lead singer Patrick Kindlon howl through the barreling track. Kindlon tells Diffuser.fm that some fellow misanthropes looking for a fight in England acted as the inspiration for the song. While those kids channeled their frustrations physically, the guys from Drug Church translated theirs into a killer album.

“This song earned its name when my voice got so shredded I magically sounded British, but the title works well enough, because lyrically, it reminds me of the kids I saw a lot of in London,” he says. “Dudes smaller than me looking for a fight because their day sucked bad, and they want to take it out on someone. Shout out to those with unfashionable one-inch shaved heads.”

‘Paul Walker’ is out now via No Sleep Records.

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