Idolator is reporting that Ellie Goulding, the British electropop artist whose debut album, 'Lights,' set the British charts afire in 2010, is hoping her sophomore effort will be out in the fall.

Speaking at Elle magazine's Women in Music event, Goulding told a reporter that she will not be performing at any of the U.K. festivals this summer as she had done in 2010, although she will be in attendance. "I'm writing. I've got to finish my album, and I will not get my album finished if I'm performing at festivals every day."

When asked when she was looking to have the album released, Goulding said, "I really hope October." In March, she told gossip columnist Dean Piper that the album was going to be "very dark and very weird."

Goulding also said that Bjork was a major influence on her career. "She just gets increasingly more spectacular and interesting and innovative and wonderful. There's no one else like her."

The 25-year old singer, who is dating electronic dance music star Skrillex, sang a cover of Elton John's "Your Song," a No. 2 hit in England, as the first dance at the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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