Once again, a Kristen Stewart movie will feature a song by Florence + the Machine. The British group, whose 'Heavy in Your Arms' was included in Stewart's 2010 film 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse,' have recorded 'Breath of Life,' the first single from this summer's 'Snow White and the Huntsman.'

Florence Welch told MTV News that she wrote the song after seeing Charlize Theron's performance of Queen Ravenna. "The Queen is just this incredible character; so hungry for life but so dead inside," she said. "She's sort of eternal, but inside there's nothing. She's kind of like charcoal or something. She has this thirst for youth and for life, but for what kind of life? This darkness, but she's so beautiful, so it's this kind of juxtaposition between beauty and, ultimately, death."

The recording of 'Breath of Life' features a full orchestra and a 60-piece choir, which nearly overwhelmed Welch, "I love choirs and I love choral music, and there was a 60-piece choir singing the vocal parts that I had written," she continued. "When the baritones came in, I nearly wept, it was so emotional."

'Snow White and the Huntsman,' which also stars Chris Hemsworth, opens June 1.

Watch Florence + The Machine Record 'Breath of Life'