That Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine doesn't mess around. The singer is an anti-brawler, and she proved it on Sunday (Dec. 9), when she intervened to break up a fight during the band's show at the Exhibition and Conference Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland. Jeez, a girl can't just play a show and do her thing? She has to wear multiple hats and provide both security and entertainment? That's a lot to ask, but Florence is up to the task.

According to the, the altercation in the crowd was incredibly distracting to Welch. Midway through the recent Flo hit 'Shake It Out,' the flame-haired singer noticed a few attendees pushing and shoving one another near the front row. She stopped the show to request that they stop with the nonsense.

"I can't sing this song while there is a fight going on in front of me," Welch said. "It doesn't matter who is right or wrong, just sort it out and be friends."

Florence Welch: peacekeeper. Actually, she said having to intervene made her feel like a school teacher, so maybe the better title is "school marm."

She also saw a female in the crowd crying and directly addressed her, asking, "Is she going to be OK? Are you alright, my love?" Flo then jumped off the stage -- while barefoot, no less -- to provide a little comfort to the crying fan.

"Everyone who's friends, kiss and make up and be good to each other," Welch said. Lesson: It's all peace and love at Flo shows.

Watch Florence Welch Stop a Fight in Scotland