As you probably recall, Garbage hosted an online chat yesterday (April 4) before premiering the video for its new single, 'Blood for Poppies' -- but if you weren't able to make the chat, not to worry: the highlights have been boiled down for us here.

Of course, what many fans want to know is why it took so long for the band to put together a follow-up to its last album, released seven years ago. According to singer Shirley Manson, it was just a case of life happening while they were busy making plans; as she put it, "I don't really know what I've been doing … We spent our time living life, then [we were] ready to record a record and here we are!"

Now that 'Not Your Kind of People' is finished, fans wanted to know what they could expect to hear in the new tracks, and according to Manson and Garbage co-founder Butch Vig, it was all about going back to basics. Name-checking David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux and Cocteau Twins, Manson said she wrote looking back at "all these people that built my musical fabric," while Vig said he was inspired by prog rock (!) and the early work of electronic protopunk band Suicide.

Those are decidedly dark ingredients, but according to the band, recording 'People' couldn't have been easier. Once they finally reconvened in the studio, Vig said "all these songs started falling in our laps," and, Manson added, "the general feeling when we were in the studio together was playful."

So there you have it, Garbage fans. Playful Suicide. Hey, maybe that should be the title of the band's next album?