MTV "fresh new artist" Hank & Cupcakes are a Brooklyn duo with a neon affliction who make '80s-kissed synth-pop for the thinking music fan.

Think Sinead O'Connor and ballads from the earlier chapter of Madonna's career -- but by way of Cuba and Tel Aviv, where the group hails from. Their inception followed a lengthy study-abroad session in Cuba, just before the pair decided to relocate to Brooklyn. And just to clarify, they're not named after bassist Hank and his favorite dessert, but rather Hank's counterpart, the charismatic percussionist and singer Ariel, who goes by the adorable moniker Cupcakes.

The trio of Hank, Cupcakes and infamous producer RJD2 came together temporarily for this sweet, sweet remix of 'Sweet Potion.'

"We love the way RJD2 gave the song a completely different twist than the original," Cupcakes said. "It's a lot of fun for us to hear our music through another artist's creative filters."

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