British electro-soul duo HONNE have debuted their tastefully modernized rendition of "Didn't I," originally released as a single by soul singer Darondo in 1973. Darondo's popularity underwent a resurgence in the 2010s after years of obscurity. You can listen to HONNE's version below:

''A couple of months ago a close friend of ours introduced us to 'Didn't I' by Darondo and we fell in love it," the band explains. "We love the charm of the original, how raw the recording is and how unusual and striking his vocal performance is. But the lyrics and melody in particular struck a chord with us and we felt that it could work really well as a HONNE cover, so we gave it shot. Hopefully we've done it justice.''

HONNE members Andy and James (they don't share their surnames) forged a bond the moment they introduced themselves to one another on arrival at university. In fact, that introduction marked the first new person each of them met there. They joke that they have "west coast" influences -- but they mean influences from places like Wiltshire and Somerset in the Southwest coast of England.

"Didn't I" will see official release as part of HONNE's new EP Coastal Love, which is out May 4 on the duo's own Tatemae label. HONNE explain that "honne" and "tatemae" are "Japanese words that describe the contrast between a person's true feelings and desires and the behavior and opinions one displays in public." This theme, Andy and James go on to explain, reflects in HONNE's self-described "nighttime, sultry sound."