John Eriksson is on the move with ‘Berlin,’ the lead single off his alter ego Hortlax Cobra’s debut album, ‘Night Shift.’ You probably know Eriksson from his day job as John from Peter, Bjorn and John, the Norwegian trio that whistled its way to the top of a bunch of 2006 best-of lists with ‘Young Folks,’ their breakout single. Don’t expect much whistling on ‘Berlin.’

Instead, a lulling, repetitive trance of throwback ‘90s techno beats greets your ears at the start. Eventually that gives way to a sound collage of kiddie Casio keyboards, weird samples and enough beeps and blips to soundtrack a Super Nintendo. By the time he launches into the chorus -- "I wanna see you tonight / I wanna see you toniiiiiight" -- what sounded like an abstract, formless cyber jam has taken on an oddly futuristic pop sheen.

‘Night Shift' tells the story of a journey from Germany to Miami, Fla. (the album kicks off with 'Berlin' and winds down with a track titled 'Miami Elevator'), so it will be interesting to see where the music goes from here. Considering where Eriksson came from to get to 'Berlin,' it could turn out to go just about anywhere.

Listen to Hortlax Cobra's 'Berlin'