Among the many commercials revealed during the 2013 Super Bowl was a Hyundai’s Santa Fe SUV ad featuring the Flaming Lips’ catchy single ‘Sun Blows Up Today.’ The spot, which premiered online a few days before the big game, stars frontman Wayne Coyne and his fellow indie rock oddballs.

According to Billboard, the Lips were on a "very short list" of bands being considered for the Super Bowl commercial. The decision was solidified by the fact that the group has a new record, ‘The Terror,’ on the horizon. It's scheduled for release April 2 via Warner Bros.

"They approached us," Lips multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd confirmed in an interview with "We found out later, after we agreed to do it, that the two main creative guys are big Flaming Lips fans, which always makes things easier and more fun, as opposed to the ad agency hiring somebody, like, 'Looking for a hip band' and they troll around until they find us. They kind of wanted us from the get-go, the guys that put this whole thing together. That was a big plus."

The tune is available as an instant digital download for those who pre-order ‘The Terror.’ Additionally, Hyundai has agreed to give away 100,000 free copies via its official website and sponsor 30-second radio clips of the song along with a lyric video to gather interest for the band’s forthcoming album.

Watch the Flaming Lips Star in Hyundai's Santa Fe Super Bowl 2013 Commercial with ‘Sun Blows Up Today’