Jack White has two bands with him on tour  -- the handsome devils of the guys-only (save for two female singers) Buzzards and the stunningly gorgeous all-girl Peacocks -- and only one backs him on any given night. White supposedly chooses which will handle backup duties on the day of the show, based on the whims of his mood (we somewhat doubt this claim, as production issues would make this way more complicated than it's worth for the novelty value alone), but in White's new 'I'm Shakin' video, he doesn't have to choose: Both groups are featured in the clip.

In fact, twin versions of White himself go head-to-head, as the navy blue-dressed Buzzards and the powder-blue attired Peacocks set up facing each each other and take part in a convoluted sort of battle of the backing bands billed as "The Rage on the Stage," with the Jack vs. Jack showdown the centerpiece. So, who wins? It seems that this time, the decision is all yours.