The grief Tidal has received since its rollout might just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of Jack White's frustrations with music and the industry surrounding it. In a Q&A for members of Third Man Records’ Vault this past weekend, White allegedly expressed frustration about topics like inspiration, public perception of celebrities, and his musical future.

When a fan asked “What is something we might not know about you?” White answered, “that i don’t belong here, and most of the time [it’s] torture trying to find reasons to stay.”

He elaborated, saying, “i’d say half the shows i play i’d rather not play. festivals for example. but i have to make the best of it and try to get inspired ... it’s hard when the people who organize festivals basically control my life … i have to book shows around their offer that i can’t refuse … it’s very expensive to tour … people think that’s how musicians make their money these days sadly, but it’s hard to be on the road no matter what size you are … only seated theaters for acoustic shows for the rest of my days.”

He also spoke about his affinity for antiquated or vintage technology, saying, "i’m not a technophobe regardless of how many people paint me that way. if i don’t have a cellphone it’s not to be cool or make a point. i just think people look ridiculous holding them and staring at them all day, and if i had one, that’s what i’d be doing as well. i’d be on it all day and it would rob me off a lot of inspiration i think. i’m not telling you not to have one, i’m just telling you why i don’t."

White closed the chat with a series of messages saying, "i have to go now," "i hope you have an inspiring day," "music is sacred," "and i hope you feel something today."

The entirety of the chat could, originally, be read at this location, though now it looks like it has been removed. You can find more of the conversation here and here.