As it turns out, James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem, is not producing the new albums by Arcade Fire or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In a new interview, Murphy denied the rumors that he would be working with both groups.

"I just did a little fun stuff," Murphy told the Huffington Post about his involvement with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Nothing really big; I don't have time and they don't have time. I think they're done with their record now, I was just fussing around. I didn't make their album. They're just friends."

Three days ago, a video, which has since been removed, of Murphy in the studio with Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner surfaced on YouTube. The Arcade Fire story started last month, when Murphy was asked about working with them, and he said, "That’s not something I can talk about yet." But now he issued the denial that was missing when he was first asked the question.

"Because I work with friends, if I have time and they're doing something and I'm on the East Coast, then we can do something," he continued. "But also they don't need a producer, in a way. They produce themselves. When I was making my record, any number of people came and spent a couple weeks or a week hanging out and being involved in the process."