In an unexpected turn, Julien-K -- morose dance band and project of former Orgy member Ryan Shuck -- offer up a more uplifting track in 'Cruel Daze of Summer.' The Long Beach, Calif.-based band gives a voice to their uplifting side by replying positively to the hard times weathered by their singer with the trance inducing single, just in time for clubgoers to enjoy the smash and time stamp their summer 2012 with its infectious hook.

Lead guitarist, Amir Derakh, tells, "'Cruel Daze of Summer' was written in the midst of an especially 'cruel summer.' I was going through one of the hardest times in my life and couldn't seem to write anything lyrically that was even remotely elevating."

"Amir presented the rough sketch that later became Cruel Daze and I felt like I saw light in the darkness -- like a path out of this misery I was in," he continues. "Amir pushed me to try to start writing more positive lyrics -- to stop dumping my bulls--- on all our fans. Amir stated that people are depressed enough these days -- we didn't need to dump more bullshit on them.  I thought that was an amazing insight and that he was definitely showing me the way. The song became a story describing my journey from a dark time into much better times ... time to dance."

Well, there you have it folks. Time to dance. Get the track for free by clicking the button below.

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