Lana Del Rey has canceled a concert scheduled for Monday (May 28) in Tokyo, Japan due to exhaustion. The show was actually a make-up date for a January concert there that the singer also pulled out of.

"It is with great regret Lana will not be performing in Tokyo today," reads a note from a rep for the singer. "She is suffering from exhaustion and the show had to be canceled. Lana says, 'I am really sorry to not have made it over to Japan again, I would love to be there to sing and look forward to performing a show that the fans deserve.'"

Del Rey later offered her own explanation for the cancelation with a post on Twitter. "Wish I could be with everyone in Tokyo but I'm really sorry I am sick," she wrote. "Thinking of you and I will come back soon."

A recent 20-hour video shoot for her forthcoming single 'National Anthem' could be the culprit for the exhaustion. The track is scheduled to drop on July 8. Despite her  promise to return to Tokyo soon, no additional rescheduled date has been announced.