For her fifth album, the forthcoming 'Short Movie,' British folk singer Laura Marling has decided to plug in. A fresh taste of her new adventure comes in the form of her latest single, 'False Hope.' Check it out above.

The more subtle, acoustic-based style of the 24-year-old singer-songwriter has now been -- for the time being anyway -- replaced by a more electrified and artful glow. The gift of a cherry red electric Gibson 335 from her father seems to have set her off on this new path. "That guitar completely changed my perspective on music," she recently told Rolling Stone.

The new single is very catchy, and one would guess it will go a long way to turning more than a few ears her way when the new album hits the streets.

After the release of her third album, 'A Creature I Don't Know,' in 2011, Marling won the coveted Brit Award for Best British Female Artist. This is the second teaser from her new album, which is set for release on March 24 on Ribbon Records. The album's title cut was shared late last month; you can check that one out below: