Lily Allen, the English musician, fashion designer and budding pop polymath, has taken to her Twitter account to scold her husband, Sam Cooper, for spending the evening at a pub while the singer spends the night at home and down in the back.

"I'm having a terrible time of it. Slept funny on Friday and my whole back has now seized up. Can't move,very painful. Need sympathy," Lily tweeted.

"Got stuck in what can only be described as a sort of half bridge position trying to get out of bed," she continued. "Feet on the ground not able to stand up."

OK, so that's kind of a funny picture, but then the pained singer slinged a barb at her man for spending the night out getting, well, pissed. "For those asking mr cooper is at the f---ing pub as usual. No don't mind me in my crippled state, I'm fine, you just go and enjoy yourself," she added.

This isn't the first time Allen has ranted on Twitter about her husband's affinity for the drink. In April, she floated a not too subtle note to her husband, saying, "dear husband, i hope you are enjoying the pub, can you come home now please, love lily x."

Lily, we hope you get better. And Sam, we hope you get real. I mean, what kind of fella leaves his foxy wife at home to drink on a Monday night, of all nights? C'mon, mate.