Since the release of her song and video 'Hard Out There,' and the announcement of her upcoming album, 'Sheezus,' Lily Allen has been taking blow after blow from critics and just about everyone else out there who has a problem with her race and gender issues.

Things got a little worse over the weekend when she covered Beyonce onstage in London.

After calling out Bee in her latest single, Allen decided to dress up as the R&B star and lip-sync her hit 'Drunk in Love' at London's G-A-Y club. Even though it's a pretty spot-on impersonation, as you can see in the above video, some people had a problem with Allen's interpretation.

As Allen took hit after hit on Twitter regarding the performance -- most people thought she was mocking Beyonce -- she finally struck back in a series of tweets.

Allen has repeatedly expressed her respect for Beyonce. Still, watching the above video, we can see how some people might find her performance a bit, um, disrespectful. 'Sheezus' comes out next week, so there's still some time for Allen to piss off a few more people.

In the meantime, here she is frolicking with zebras and some hairy dudes: