She's a label owner, fashion entrepreneur and Grammy-nominated pop star, but none of those achievements are helping Lily Allen protect her home in the English countryside from a full-on mouse invasion.

Allen has taken to Twitter to vent about her unwelcome guests, telling her followers that the mice have caused a bit of a row with her husband, Sam Cooper. "Me to husband 'darling can we do something about the mice in the ceiling please?'" she tweeted, following with his response: "not much we can do I'm afraid we live on the country dear, besides they've got rights , why shouldn't they live here too?"

When Allen rightly pointed out that their boarders weren't paying rent, Cooper suggested that perhaps they had their own mouse mortgage that humans weren't aware of, and ... well, it doesn't look like Allen's going to be living in a mouse-free home anytime soon.

She might have better luck using her feminine wiles to curb Cooper's fondness for a stop at the pub, which she's also used the social media site to complain about. "Dear husband, i hope you are enjoying the pub, can you come home now please, love lily x," read one tweet, followed by a quick amendment: "Actually you can stay as long as you like but i will ignore you upon your return and you can forget about breakfast."

If nothing else, this should all provide solid fodder for Allen's next album, which she's reportedly working on after taking a three-year hiatus from recording to focus on projects such as her London clothing boutique, the songs for the 'Bridget Jones's Diary' musical and her daughter, Ethel Mary.