Lily Allen has been known to speak her mind without regrets. And she takes that a step further for the sake of girl power in her latest single 'Sheezus.'

While the video looks like something M.I.A. might make, all the colors and different looks the British singer tries on sure are engaging. But it's not just the new video -- which you can watch above -- that makes us pay attention to what Allen has to say.

Calling out the names of some of today's biggest female pop stars, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics cut like a double-edged sword. Even though Allen seems to be giving them props, there's an underlying sense that she's also throwing out some fighting words.

"RiRi isn't scared of Katy Perry's roaring / Queen B's going back to the drawing / Lorde smells blood, yeah, she’s about to slay you / Kid ain’t one to f--- with when she’s only on her debut," she sings on the chorus.

Allen also takes it to another level where she starts talking about women's menstruation cycles in the second verse. And considering the clear and precise way she sings each word, this section is clearly designed to make some people -- especially guys -- squirm in their seats.

Soon after releasing the video last night, Allen scoured Twitter and retweeted many of the responses she found to the song. She also thanked everyone for the support:

'Sheezus' was supposed to be the first single from Allen's upcoming album of the same name (coming out on May 5), a sort of statement of purpose, but it was pushed aside for a couple of other songs.

And while the song and video will probably get tons of negative attention for either being too much or not enough for the feminist movement, we're glad she finally got the chance to put it out there.