Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love' is an intimate sort of song, and 'The Voice' tried to capture that best as possible for Lindsy Pavao's cover of the tune on Monday's live edition of show. Flanked by a pair of acoustic guitarists and surrounded by audience members sitting on the floor in front of her like she was performing at a coffee house poetry reading, Pavao really wanted to bring the down-home, folksy vibe that the tune calls for. Surprisingly, she pulled it off.

It's not often such an earnest tune is dragged out on such a glitzy program for the world to see, but perhaps it should happen more often. Pavao didn't have the beat-up, old and slightly-out-of-tune guitar that Justin Vernon always busts out live, yet still still managed to convey 'Love''s earnest quality. Apparently she's a Bon Iver fan, and we're apt to believe it. You can hear it in her voice.

Obviously, the coaches loved it -- how could they not? Her own coach Christiana Aguilera even went up and gave her a big hug. A big hug Christina -- it doesn't get much more skinny love than that.