On their forthcoming debut album, ‘These Are Good People’ — out this summer on Tiny Engines — Philadelphia’s Little Big League manage the difficult balancing act of paying tribute to their influences while creating something that is still their own. The band succeeds, turning out songs that are new interpretations of their ‘90s female-fronted alt-rock.

The Philly quartet came together in 2011 as members closed chapters with previous projects in order to form Little Big League. Together, Michelle Zauner (vocals, guitar), Kevin O’Halloran (guitar), Deven Craige (bass) and Ian Dykstra (drums) quickly released two tracks on their debut 7-inch in 2012, and they are maintaining their momentum with the release of ‘These Are Good People.’

Both in instrumentation and Zauner’s vocals, the band hones in on a distinctly ‘90s sound while keeping things fresh with their dark lyrical explorations. This is true of ‘Lindsey,’ a track we’re offering for free download today. Zauner gave Diffuser.fm some insight into the track’s inspiration.

“‘Lindsey’ is the first track off our upcoming LP,” she said. “It’s a narrative about a man who wants to take care of a homeless woman.”

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