Melodies flow freely from Mark Mallman, and even when he's asleep, the Minneapolis piano-pop madman is capable of making music. That's no exaggeration: Earlier this year, Mallman staged "Marathon IV: Road Rogue," a seven-day, 150-hour, one-of-a-kind performance whereby he crossed the country in the back of a van, kicking tunes during his waking hours and -- thanks to something called an Emotiv EEG controller -- creating "biogen music” while he dozed.

Presumably, Mallman was wide awake when he composed the supremely catchy 'Dirty Dishes,' available below as a free MP3 download.

The tune appears on Mallman's 'Double Silhouette,' which hits shelves today. Partially recorded in the basement of his parents' Wisconsin home, it's a harrowing breakup album he's called "too sad for words." Luckily, tunes like 'Dirty Dishes' suggest otherwise. The lyrics are about picking up the pieces and moving on -- something Mallman evidently finds easier than preparing dinner for himself.

"'Dirty Dishes' is a tribute to late-'70s era John Lennon songs," Mallman says. "It's a also an open letter of forgiveness to a person I continue to love who once did some very nasty things to me. It's not about actual dirty dishes in any way. Anybody who knows me will tell you I haven't cooked a meal at home in 10 years. This whole album of material is about forgiveness and positivity, despite the dark sound scape."

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