Mayer Hawthorne has released a video for the tune 'Henny and Gingerale' -- or wait, maybe he and his song are featured in an ad for Hennessy brand cognac. To be honest, with all the product placement, it's hard to tell the difference.

The clip opens with a gaggle of pretty ladies saying the secret password -- "Henny," of course -- to get into a posh party somewhere in Los Angeles. Behind the door is Hawthorne, the soulful crooner, dressed dapper in a suit and bow tie, his hair primped and his thick-rimmed glasses adding and air of sophistication to his look. The door opens, the ladies enter and the tune kicks off -- a smooth, mid-tempo groove of funky bass, simple beats and chiming guitar.

The camera pans across a few bottles of Hennessy on ice as glasses clink in the background and Hawthorne launches into the lyrics. "It never fails Henny and gingerale / I got my cup and I'm filling it up I can't get enough," he sings while dancing with a group of hip, well-heeled partygoers, who mouth along while pouring their own cocktails. The Henny flows freely, the dancers get down, the party is kicking. People cheers each other, people dance, people drink, video ends. Suddenly, viewers at home may have a strong desire to drink some cognac. That's pretty much all there is to it.

'Henny and Gingerale' is included as a bonus cut on the digital iTunes version of his latest album, last year's 'How Do You Do' -- much to the disappointment of people who bought the actual CD. Hawthorne currently is in the middle of a North American tour and currently has dates scheduled through a July 28 gig at the SoundTown Festival in Somerset, Wisc. Check out his itinerary here.

Watch the Mayer Hawthorne 'Henny & Gingerale' Video