With his latest album coming out next month, famously cranky singer Morrissey has released yet another spoken-word promo video for one of the LP's songs. This time it's for 'Earth Is the Loneliest Planet.'

In the minute-long clip, Moz hangs out with a short-haired Pamela Anderson (of all people) on top of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood with a stunning California sunset looming in the background. You can watch the video above.

This now makes four spoken-word promo videos for 'World Peace Is None of Your Business,' which comes out on July 17. First there was one for the title track, where Morrissey sits at a piano in a tux before being joined by Nancy Sinatra, who's wielding a flower-filled briefcase.

Then there's one for 'The Bullfighter Dies,' where he's accompanied by light jazz music in the background. And finally there's one for 'Istanbul,' which you can watch below.

All four of the promo videos feature Morrissey reciting lyrics to songs from the upcoming album, but no real music from the record. Any chance of getting one of those sometime soon, Moz?